Gary and his wife live close to the border between the counties of Cornwall and Devon in the United Kingdom. Despite their rural location the couple travel widely, and when organising anything from a short excursion to a lengthy tour, Gary always does his best to ensure the journey incorporates a visit to at least one guitar store.


The couple recently returned from the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, where they once again linked up with many of the Fender folks, and also met some other past and present Fender employees in person for the first time. While in Southern California they took the opportunity to re-visit the Fender factory and Custom Shop in Corona, California, where they were given another memorable tour. They also  got the chance to learn how one particular master builder goes about creating his unique masterpieces.

Gary has written various business-related publications, but the internationally acclaimed ANNIVERSARY STRAT book published in April 2019, was Gary’s first volume on guitars. As far as the people stories are concerned, MASTERS & ARTISANS will carry on where ANNIVERSARY STRAT left off. Besides including the content in Part 2 of the previous book, the new book will incorporate some more recent material, including a few extra chapters on some of the more recently promoted master builders. For more information about Gary, his latest books and other projects visit


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