MASTERS & ARTISANS tells the fascinating personal stories of the various talented master guitar builders who have worked at the Fender Custom Shop in Corona since 1987. It also shares the stories and memories of the master pickup winders, the master artisans, and the independent artists and engravers who have collaborated with Fender and the master builders over the years.

The content of MASTERS & ARTISANS is an expanded and updated version of Part 2 of my previous book, ANNIVERSARY STRAT. Published in April 2019, in its first year ANNIVERSARY STRAT shipped to 28 different countries and has been critically acclaimed. It's an extensively researched collection of stories, about cool Fender products (Part 1), and the awesome people who created them (Part 2).


ANNIVERSARY STRAT (2019) is a limited edition run of 1,954 copies and will soon be out of print. As it turned out, the people element in the first book ended up being longer than the guitar section that gave the book its title. So I felt that by publishing all the people stories in a new book, I would be able to update and expand the content, and give those individual stories the prominence each one deserves.


MASTERS & ARTISANS is probably best described as a collection of mini biographies of past and present Fender employees. As well as highlighting their favourite projects from the past, it will feature some of the most recent guitars that have been built by the talented luthiers at the Fender Custom Shop. The new book will also incorporate a few more chapters so that the stories of the newest master builders can be shared, as a couple of the guys gained their respective promotions after the first book was published.

Please call back for updates on the progress and publication date of MASTERS & ARTISANS, or use the contact form to request email updates. You can also email info@garydavies.com if you want to get in touch.


Best wishes,

Gary Davies




MASTERS & ARTISANS will develop the stories of the past and present Fender  Custom Shop employees, which featured in Part 2 of ANNIVERSARY STRAT. Various artists and artisans who have worked with the Fender Custom Shop over the years, also share their stories and memories in the book. 


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For more information about the ANNIVERSARY STRAT book visit www.anniversarystrat.com

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